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About Eibusha
Eibusha is a publisher, dedicated to books on the subject of Japan’s martial arts culture and history.
We were established in 2008, and our aim is to publish books of the highest possible standards, this both in terms of contents and design.  
It is Eibusha’s intention to provide the martial arts community access to material that is normally not available to readers not familiar with Japanese. For this reason we only publish books based on original Japanese source material.
Eibusha Publications
- Invisible Armor, An Introduction to the Esoteric Dimension of Japan’s Classical Warrior Arts, by Serge Mol, 2008.
- Classical Swordsmanship of Japan, A Comprehensive Guide to Kenjutsu and Iaijutsu, by Serge Mol, 2010.
- Bujutsu Densho, Exploring the Written Tradition of Japan’s Martial Arts Culture, by Serge Mol, 2013.
- Takeda Shinobi Hiden, Unveiling Takeda Shingen’s Secret Ninja Legacy, by Serge Mol, 2016.
         Unveiling Takeda’s Shingen’s Secret Ninja Legacy
Author: Serge Mol
Size: 190 mm x 265 mm
Weight: 680 g
Hardcover: 192 p
Illustrations:  color, 18
                     b/w,  91
ISBN-13: 978-90-8133613-0
Date of publication: July 2016
Price: 43 EURO (postage not included)
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