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“Amazing book, please thank Mr. Mol for going out of his way to provide such outstanding material.”
A reader from CA, USA
4 January 2009
“...Libro che mantiene il livello che ci si aspetta comprando un testo di Mol. Molto ben fatto considerando la complessia dell’ argomento, Intrigante. Da Leggere.”
“...Book that maintains the level one expects when buying a work from Mol. Very well done
considering the complexity of the subject. Intriguing. Must read.”
Posted in Italian on www.forumartimarziali.com by user GTO
2 February 2009
“I  have not yet finished it completely, but so far it is excellent.  I had no idea about how much esoteric detail was involved in the samurai life style.  It is very very eye opening.  I, like most people in the west, have been taught that the samurai were all 'zen' followers, so to learn the details of the warriors before zen became prevalent is very cool !!  It also makes a lot of sense for the culture, as zen lacks flare/color, and the samurai were always a very colorful bunch!!  Please tell Serge it is a very very interesting book, one I am sure will gain a following.”
A reader from Canada
9 March 2009
“J'ai lu le livre de Serge Mol que j'ai recu fin mars, et qui est vraiment très intéressant.
...a chaque page pratiquement j'ai des réponses...”
“I read Serge Mol’s book, which I received end of March, and which is really very interesting.
...I found answers on virtually every page...”
A reader from France
12 april 2009
“Wer sich für die spirituellen und esoterischen Praktiken der klassischen KK Japans interessiert sollte sich „Invisible Armor- An Introduction to the Esoteric Dimension of Japans Classical Warrior Arts“ von Serge Mol anschaffen. Das Buch ist wie alle Bücher von Mol sehr gut lesbar und schön Illustriert und die einzige Darstellung dieses schwierigen Themas in Buchform in englischer Sprache.”
“Those interested in the esoteric practices of Japan’s classical martial arts should buy “Invisible Armor - An Introduction to the Esoteric Dimension of Japan’s Classical Warrior Arts. This book, like all books by Mol is very well readable and beautifully illustrated and is the only representation of this difficult subject in book form in the English language.
Posted in German on: www.kampfkunstforum.de by user Marashiten
25 April 2009
“The author made an impressive work in researching modern and ancient documents and interviewing masters of classical martial arts schools, and ultimately compiling all the information in a comprehensive, accessible manner. This book is highly recommended to any reader interested in classical Japanese martial arts and will provide him with more than a simple overview of one of its most interesting, yet poorly understood and often overlooked aspects: the mystic and spiritual side of the classical fighting arts of the warriors in feudal Japan."
A reader from Holland
23 May 2009      
As a non-Japanese, writers such as Serge Mol gives me this precious access to the old texts in order to continue my own personal growth in the field. I've never came across such a thorough and well written book about the esoteric aspects of Japan’s feudal era warriors.
There's no doubt it's the product of many years of research and personal experience which makes me trust this writer in times when many inaccurate and often misleading information on the subject is being published.
I highly recommend this book and others written by this author to anyone, let's hope he'll publish his next book soon!
Posted on BUDOVIDEOS.COM by user Gunbaisha who also gave it a five-star rating
Januari 2010
Invisible Armor- An Introduction to the Esoteric Dimension of Japan's Classical Warrior Arts is a well researched and detailed book about the background and usage of rituals within the classic warrior class in Japan. Serge Mol writes not only about the subject from an intellectual standpoint but also draws on his personal spiritual experience. Through these lenses, Serge clarifies the meanings behind many of the rituals. It appears that often these teachings in modern martial arts and related spiritual practices are misunderstood and abused. Invisible Armor also includes over a hundred photographs and illustrations to give the reader a visual background to the subject. This book is not just a must read for martial artists interested in the Japanese origins of their art but also for people who are curious about traditional Japanese spiritual practices.
Frans Stiene, co-author of The Japanese Art of Reiki, The Reiki Sourcebook and Your Reiki Treatment. www.reiki.net.au
19 Januari 2010
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